Film Production

Omar R. Sukkari, Syrian filmmaker and film producer with a proven track record for presenting compelling and emotionally gripping stories. His strong belief in the power of filmmaking led him to focus on valued entertaining content for audience in the Arab Region. Omar has 12 years of industry experience including writing, editing, directing and content creation for high-profile TV and online platforms.

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Film Production

In eight years, Omar has worked on more than 1000 low and high budget media projects with celebrities from the Middle East and around the world. He was one of the masterminds behind some of MBC’s top coverages. His portfolio includes several television shows, short films and documentaries.

His most recent work is Red Card; a comedy series which has gathered strong attention from the target audience. Another project is fyi, an edutainment show for teenagers which helps them in life challenges. As a result, both series have been strong success within MBC platforms and received positive feedback on social media.

He completed his education at the New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi where he studied filmmaking. Currently, Omar is working as a producer in Arab’s leading TV network, MBC Group. In addition, Omar is a freelancer producer currently working on an inspiring documentary about alternative cancer treatments which will be presented in the region’s top film festivals.